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When ever you submit your personal data in our pages
(For example: name, address, and/or e-mail address, etc.) the data providing is always voluntary.
Services can also be used without submitting any personal details. We would like to underline the
fact that data transmission through the internet (For example: electronic correspondence etc.)
may include security deficiencies. There is no full warranty against a third party gaining
access to the data. We are against any advertisements and/or any unwanted information
being sent to our contacts listed in the imprint page.
Fanatic Figures and the entrusted maintainers of this website reserve all rights to take legal actions
in case of receiving unwanted letters (SPAM) and/or any other unwanted information that
injures standard good morals what so ever.


Please be aware that contents such as -but not limited to- Names, Logos, Designs, etc. are
legally Registered Trademarks and/or Patents and/or Copyrights of other Parties. Contents and
works displayed in these pages come under the ruling of the European Union and also under
other countries patent and/or copyright law. The using, copying, reproduction, processing,
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Downloading and/or copying of the above mentioned contents of the website -especially- for
commercial purposes is prohibited at all time. All contents of the website were made with
special care, considering the copyright of other parties and use own and/or licence-free material.
Fanatic Figures declares that any Names, Logos, Designs etc. used in any relation with
our products and/or our website is created with our goodwill. Fanatic Figures Toys are created in
order to help, support and most of all to express the goodwill for any countries, regions,
associations, clubs, groups etc. and to maintain their culture, traditions and values for the
new generations.

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